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Business Leadership and Management

Bachelor of Science Degree

If leading a high-performance team is your goal, this applied, accelerated degree is for you. The Business Leadership and Management degree combines principles of management and leadership with practical applications. Also infused throughout the degree are important business leadership skills like decision-making, effective communication, collaboration, critical thinking. The program is an accelerated, cohort program. Students take one class at a time; each class takes 6 weeks, so students can complete the cohort in a year and a half.

All course materials are digital, so they are current and relevant — and they are provided without additional cost. By the end of the program you will have mastered the knowledge and skills to lead a high-performance team.

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Courses in the major include:

Designed to help you gain knowledge about the dynamic world of management and begin to build skills to be successful. Managers are responsible for creating a "great guest experience" and a "great place for team members to work." This course equips you with knowledge and skills to balance expectations from both.
In this course you'll explore and apply processes for receiving, presenting and maintaining point-of-purchase materials and learn how to use merchandising techniques to maximize revenue.
Any successful manager needs to be able to understand financial results and compare them to past results, plans and peer groups. In this course, you'll study financial results to assess company performance, and use that information to create plans for improvement.
In this course, you'll learn how to create a customer experience that exceeds expectations and drives loyalty, along with methods for managing selling and service activities. You will learn about and practice using performance metrics when developing plans to improve sales and guest satisfaction.
Developing human capital skills and resources is critical to every enterprise - whether for-profit or non-profit. You'll learn how to identify strong recruits, hire effectively, retain strong team members and improve team member engagement and performance.
Increase your full understanding of the policies, procedures, and tasks that make an enterprise successful. Some of the skills covered include budgeting, scheduling, team member allocation, facility/energy management and maintenance, safety and security, and inventory/asset management.
Management has a language and set of assessments that may be different from everyday math. In this course you'll learn about the metrics and basic formulas used in business and how and when to apply them to business situations.
Learn about the factors that influence the development of a corporate strategy, explore product and people resources, and develop an assortment of plans with innovative approaches.
Develop the skills needed to create marketing plans to support your corporate mission and values. You'll learn the principles, strategies, and research needed to create and manage effective marketing plans.
Learn how to analyze and respond to business performance data. You will practice skills reviewing performance results, identifying risks and opportunities, and making business decisions.
Learn to effectively use dialogue skills to start and manage effective conversations. Explore the elements of different communication models and how to apply them in a variety of situations that you encounter every day.
In this course, you'll have the opportunity to build skills in these essential areas: self-management, identifying priorities, acquiring and retaining talent, setting expectations, and encouraging superior performance during good and challenging times.

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