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Gina Smith Rodriguez Set to Begin Master's Degree at Bellevue University

October 27, 2020

We welcome Gina Smith Rodriguez, soon-to-be graduate student, to Bellevue University! Here's her story.

"I am scheduled to begin my master's degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Bellevue University in November 2020! My employer State Farm offers great incentives to go back to school, and because of their partnership with Bellevue University, earning my master's degree will cost me very little to nothing!

"Because of these benefits, there was no reason to delay earning my degree! I picked Bellevue University for the affordability factor, the program offered, and the timeline to graduate – only 18 months! This means my youngest daughter will graduate from high school, my oldest daughter will graduate with her associate's degree, and I will graduate with my master's degree – all together in June of 2022!

"Earning this degree will help me with a career change within my company. Right now, I work on auto claims, and my dream is to obtain a position to help my employer make improvements in employee satisfaction and retention based on scientifically based evidence. I can't wait for my future and that of my company!"

The Rodriguez family

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